Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Truck Broke

OK, so it's Friday afternoon at 4:30 and my truck has been acting up all day. I call Christian Brothers Automotive and ask if they can put my truck on the machine that tells what is wrong with it. He says sure how soon can you be here. I tell him I am on my way. I get there about 10 til 5 and they take a look. They figure out what is wrong and have already called to see if they can get the part for me. He says if they cannot they will tape up the problem so I can drive it until Monday since they are closed on Saturday and Sunday. He comes back in five minutes to say he can get the part if I want him too and fix it. I say great!!! He runs to get the part while they are taking the broke one off of my truck. He shows me the broke one, which they would not have been able to tape for me, while the other is being put on. He then asks my kids if they would like some ice cream. Of course they answer yes. He gets them ice cream, me a coke and then shows me on his computer that the part that broke was on the next scheduled maintenance check up. At 6:15, I am walking out the door, my truck fixed, and thanks to our Dave Ramsey emergency fund, paid for . These guys are the BEST!!!!!

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Domine said...

That's so great to hear about the service you got at CBA! I work for CBA's Home Office and it's always fun hearing when a customer can get their vehicle back quickly.

Which shop did you go to? We'd love to send them a big atta' boy!

Have a terrific and blessed weekend!

David Domine
Christian Brothers Automotive Operations Team